Paint the World Pink For Bayan!

Paint the World Pink for Bayan!What does “Paint the World Pink for Bayan” mean? The color Pink represents Bayan in every way. Her face lit up every time we bought her something pink, or when she received a custom made pink bike. She wanted everything and anything to be pink. Pink represented her sweet smile, her tender-heart, and her soft voice. ¬†She wanted to paint the entire world pink. Help us paint the world pink for Bayan by wearing your own pink “Paint the World Pink for Bayan” wristband. All proceeds go to benefit the Bayan Hassaballa Foundation and all the great work it does to help kids with cancer.

Wristbands are $5 (including shipping). Please click on the “Donate” button on the side and write “Pink Wristband” in the message area.

Let’s all Paint the World Pink for Bayan!

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